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Video Games The Movie Unleashes New Trailer, KickStarter Program

by Prima Games Staff

Director Jeremy Snead had a vision a few years back– create a documentary that talks about the rise of video games over the years, from technological fad to a multi-billion dollar business.  It’s not all about dollars and sense, as the love for the games themselves (and the culture surrounding them) hasn’t changed.

That project, Video Games: The Movie, is about to come into fruition – but Snead needs your help.  Today, he unleashed a new trailer for the movie, talking to various folks like Chris Hardwick, Wil Wheaton, Randy Pitchford of Gearbox Software and others about their thoughts in the industry.  You can view it over on the team’s KickStarter page, which launched today.

Snead is seeking $60,000 in funding for post production, and he’s off to a good start thus far with just over $7,000 with 34 days to go.  You can join in here and help make this documentary a reality when it releases later this year.

They even found time to ask me a few questions.  You might just see me on the big-screen yet.  Does my hair look okay?

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