Versus DLC for RE5 confirmed

Two new multiplayer modes

Capcom have confirmed reports that there’s to be a new set of multiplayer modes bundled under the name Versus for their forthcoming Resident Evil 5 game.

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The DLC will bring about the chance, would you believe, to play against friends in a versus kind of manner.

Slayer’s Rule is a competition for point-scoring in which players will be tasked to kill as many Majinis as possible in a set amount of time. The Majinis are a new strain of infected zombie beast things. The winner, surprisingly, is the player with the most points at the end of the round.

Survivor’s Rule, the next game mode, is a new idea for fans, as players will be killing each other, shock (survival) horror.

We’re not sure if free-for-all is possible but it’s been explained that the extra modes feature two-on-two and one-on-one matches.

Both the leads of the main game, Chris and Sheeva, will be available to play, with an extra two “secret” characters available when unlocked.

The DLC will cost 400 Microsoft Points, which in real monies is $5.00 USD. It’s scheduled for release a “few weeks” after the full game comes out on Friday.

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