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Valorant 2.08 Patch Notes Come Alongside New Map Breeze

by Jesse Vitelli

A brand new Episode in Valorant launches today and alongside it are a bunch of new patch notes. Most notably is the new map Breeze, which we gave a glimpse of last week.

Valorant 2.08 Patch Notes Come Alongside New Map Breeze 

Starting today there will be a Breeze only playlist for unrated matches players can queue into to try out the new map. This will last for two weeks so be sure to get those matches in and learn all of those angles.

Breeze will not be featured in standard competitive or unrated queues until the two weeks are over. If you want to play it, you’ll have to queue for it separately.

Below you can find a list of bug fixes that have been implemented in the latest patch.


  • Fixed Killjoy’s Turret and Alarmbot icons disappearing when disabled
  • Fixed Astra and Brimstone’s smokes from blocking flashes even when you are not fully inside them
  • Fixed Viper’s Toxic Screen going longer than intended when it passed through the teleporter on Bind
  • Fixed Viper’s Poison Cloud pickup distance being 200 instead of the intended 400
  •  Improved performance of Astra’s Nebula VFX on low settings


  • Fixed a bug where, in Spike Rush, picking up the weapon upgrade orb with the Operator equipped would cause you to lose your Operator and receive nothing to replace it
  • Now, you will keep your Operator, and will be granted a random secondary slot weapon.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing rank icons to disappear in Match History
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Act Rank badges to show up on map loading screens in non-competitive modes

You can find the full patch notes right here.

Valorant also received a brand new battle pass today that can be purchased for 1,000 VP. It features new weapon skins, player cards, buddies, and more. 

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