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Vainglory Goes Cross-Platform With PC And Mac Launch

by Prima Games Staff

The competitive multiplayer game Vainglory has made the jump from mobile devices to PC and Mac via Steam. As promised, players can battle with each other in 5v5 cross-platform matches using mobile or desktop computing devices.

Vainglory is currently listed as an Early Access game on Steam, but that should change as the developer Super Evil Megacorp works to get the crossplay kinks out. Super Evil also promises to maintain parity across all the platforms so players will have the same experience no matter what device they prefer.

The PC and Mac launch is accompanied by a number of gameplay updates, including a new cross-platform interface, making 5v5 the default mode for the game, in-game chat via text, a new hero named San Feng and more. 

Since the game was originally developed for mobile devices, PC and Mac players won’t need very powerful systems to jump into the action.

In Vainglory, players choose from a roster of 48 characters, each with a unique set of abilities, to battle for victory. Time will tell how well mobile players do against mouse and keyboard users.  


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