Uncharted 4 – Chapter 13: Marooned

Make your way through the area, taking down hostile forces as you make an escape.

In this article we cover Chapter 13: Marooned in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. There aren’t any puzzles in this chapter, but you will face hostile forces at every turn, so make sure your marksmanship is on point. At the onset of the chapter, walk forward as you move along the beach, and climb over the tree to the right. Head up to the rock platforms above and slowly move around to the right side of the cliff edge.

When you reach the supply box on the beach, open it then continue climbing up the cliff past the fallen tree. Move around to the right of the cliff and over to the waterfall. Drop down and take a look around to see a signal off in the distance marking your next destination. Head left and climb toward the large waterfall to find a path to the left where you can use the grappling hook to reach the ledge above.

Climb up the ledges on the right side of the cliff edge, then climb directly up before you reach the large waterfall so you can stand on the top platform above. Hook the rope to the grappling point here, then swing over to the platform on the far side of the waterfall and head into the cave on the left. Continue up the pillar in the middle as you reach the top of the waterfall near the back. Collect the treasure within the cave, then follow the water to the right to get outside again.

Take a closer look at the corpses here, then collect the note on the ground and climb up the white ledges to the right. As you continue to move up, pull out the Piton holding the corpse and use the new tool to climb the next area above. At the top you need to jump across to the ledges on the nearby pillar where you find a few hostiles around the corner. There’s one enemy alone on the ledge below, which makes for an easy target. Come at him from the lower ledge and pull him off the cliff to obtain his weapon.

Move across the platforms as you gun down the hostile forces that block your path. It’s best to tag the enemies so you can easily track where they move so you don’t get caught. When you get to the tall pillar, use the grappling hook to swing over to the platform on the right, then head down the path and around the corner to find a note on the corpse near the upper ledge. Move into the left passage to find some treasure, then climb the white ledges to the right of the dead body.

When the next cut scene concludes, keep moving down the path and through the ruins, then head into one of the far buildings through the hole in the roof and make your way through the debris to the left. There’s treasure in this passage so make sure to collect it before you leave the area under the wooden boards.

In the next open room you need to reach the upper window on the right. Head into the room on the left and continue to the far end of the right hallway. Push the crate out of the window and go back to the open room. Use the crate to climb through the upper window, then stand on the platform just beyond and admire the view as this chapter comes to a close.

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