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UCF 3’s New Trailer Showcases G.O.A.T. Career Mode

by Josh Hawkins

UFC 3 is less than a month away from release, and EA is ramping things up with a new trailer that showcases the game’s G.O.A.T career mode, which allows players to create their own fighter, train them, and even make decisions for them outside of the octagon. It’s the first time the UFC series will give players these abilities, and for UFC fans it’s going to be a big deal.

Unlike previous UFC games, players will have full control of their fighter, including choosing which gym they train at, what kind of promotions they make, and how they hype up their next fights. You’ll need to pay careful attention to the details as you build up your fighter’s career, and work to get access to a better contract.

Players will also need to balance their time between training and improving their fighter, as well as promoting their fighter to increase their popularity. Too much time spent doing either will cost you in the opposite area, making it harder to rise up in the ranks. Everything that you do, and ever decision that you make inside and outside of the octagon will influence your career in the UFC, and the new mode promises to offer a depth that hasn’t previously been available to players in any prior UFC games.

You can check out the trailer above to see what the new UFC 3 G.O.A.T. career mode is all about. UFC fans can pick up UFC 3 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when it releases next month on February 2, 2018. The game has quite a few new features, including the new G.O.A.T. career mode, as well as a revolutionary animation system that EA says will make the game’s fights feel and look more realistic.

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