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Is Ubisoft’s Killing Day Making a Comeback?

by Prima Games Staff

E3 2005 seems like ages ago, but it was this year that brought some interesting announcements, among them a new first-person shooter from Ubisoft called Killing Day.  However, following said announcement, we haven’t heard too much from that game – though it appears to be lingering on around the studio’s offices.

Following a trademark filing that took place in 2009, then faded away again in 2012, Ubisoft has continued to keep Killing Day from meeting its demise.  A new trademark was filed earlier this year for the game, indicating that it’s still in the works in some form or another.  However, when asked for official comment on the project, all Ubisoft could say was: “No comment for now.”

The project originally entered production in 2005, only for Ubi to cancel it in 2006 and then re-file said trademark in 2009, only to do so again this year.  It almost seems like one of those projects that’s going to linger, only to eventually be released.  You know, like Duke Nukem Forever.

We’ll let you know what comes out of Killing Day as more news emerges…

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