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Twitch Gift Cards Are Now A Thing

by Liana Ruppert

Give the gift of streaming with the official Twitch gift cards that have been revealed. The Twitch gift cards can be used to buy a plethora of items that this free service offers, including subbing to your favorite streamers and purchasing “Bits.” 

Twitch has grown a lot through the years as streaming continues to spread its wings at the epicenter of the gaming community. As the meaning of “what is an influencer” continues to evolve, the popular streaming platform has become a hub for not just gaming but crafts, movies, cosplay, and so much more. 

The Twitch gift cards offer a way for fans of the platform to share their streaming love with others and help to support each other. It’s also perfect for fans of esports to receive a gift that they see as meaningful as a way to grown their own presence while supporting those that inspire them the most. 

Subscriptions – Starts at $4.99

Subscribing supports the streamer while also rewarding the subscriber with unique benefits for that Twitch channel. The longer you subscribe, the more you get.

Bits – Starts at $1.40

Bits are a great way to interact with streamers and the community. You can unlock unique emotes, and celebrate and create special moments by cheering with Bits.

Gift Subscriptions – Starts at $4.99

When you love a stream so much, you just want to invite more friends in. Spread the love by gifting Subscriptions to other viewers in the channel.

The Twitch gift cards come in the following options:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $200

They can also be sent via text messaging, making it even easier to gift this particular card to anyone anywhere in the world. While at the moment they are a digital, a physical card option will be coming soon to retailers like GameStop and Best Buy, perfect for the holiday season just around the corner. 

You can learn more about the Twitch gift cards right here and scoop one up for yourself if needed! Whether its for the holidays, birthdays or just a random gesture, it’s a nifty way to stay intuned with the community for those that just really like to spend their cash on streamers. 

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