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Ninja Pushes Back Against Alinity and Twitch After Dr. Disrespect Tweet Goes Viral

by Liana Ruppert

Alinity seems to always be in the spotlight over controversy monthly. If the name doesn’t mean anything to you, you may remember her as the streamer that spit-fed vodka to her animals, hitting her dog when she didn’t realise she was live, and tossing her cat behind her in a way that drew immense criticism. After a recent stream where she bared her chest, allegedly by mistake, Alinity saw herself in the negative spotlight once more and big names in streaming are weighing in, including Ninja after a tweet comparing Mixer and Twitch went viral from Dr Disrespect. 

The initial tweet by Dr Disrespect highlighted a comedic twist on the differences between Mixer and Twitch. While Ninja and his million followers made their notable shift to the Mixer streaming platform, Dr Disrespect has remained faithful to Twitch and has openly mocked those who make the public switch in the past. His latest tweet is meant to be yet another jab at the Mixer platform, something that Ninja couldn’t help but to take the bait on. In doing so, he raised a valid point though threw Alinity under the bus in the process: 

Ninja is, of course, referencing the many times Alinity has been under heavy fire for the content seen on her channel. The content regarding animal abuse, especially the vodka since alcohol is highly toxic to animals, has called for thousands to ban her from the platform permanently. This is also one of the many reasons why Twitch’s Terms of Service have been called into question given that many smaller streamers can be banned for the smallest infraction, even wrongfully so, yet the “money makers” can get away with just about anything without any real consequence. 

The “nip-slip 2020” of Alinity received a 24-hour ban which in a surprise twist, Alinity said that was too soft and that the company should have banned her longer. The streamer then decided to take the opportunity to impose a 3-day ban on herself so she can recoup and take a break from all of the commentary surrounding her latest controversy. 

Was Dr Disrespect’s video aimed at Alinity? Absolutely not. Was Ninja’s response necessary? Probably not, but it is a valid concern echoing what thousands are saying about the double standard of Twitch’s TOS, something that has driven many content creators to Mixer, especially since Mixer’s TOS is much more user-friendly and concrete in content expectations. 

Where do you stand on the Alinity drama? Do you think this streamer has been given way too many chances or are all of the accounts of animal abuse and content breaches incorrect and a witch hunt? It’s up to you, weigh in with your thoughts over on Twitter @PrimaGames, we’d love to hear more from the community about the current streaming events. 

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