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Trion Set To Launch Defiance On Consoles and PC April 2nd

by Prima Games Staff

We’ve seen bits and pieces of advertisements for Trion’s forthcoming MMO third-person shooter Defiance, mainly at PAX East, where they were plastered all over the railings of escalators.  But we have yet to see much of the game itself – though that will be changing sooner rather than later.

Trion has announced that they will be launching the game for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on April 2nd, giving users the opportunity to interact with a huge action-packed universe, one that will tie in with a live-action SyFy-produced TV series, which will debut on April 15th – just under two weeks later.

In the game, players take the role of Ark Hunters, fighting their way through San Francisco in the near future, which has been ravaged by aliens.  The game features full-on support for co-op PvE and PvP, with no shortage of players to join in your fight.

We’ve included a full trailer for the game here, a fun piece that should get your blood pumping.  We’ll have a strategic preview for you soon!

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