With the rumored Mayan apocalypse set to kick off later this month (that reminds me, we still need to buy some Twinkies on eBay), RedLynx has opted to go out with a bang with the release of a new content pack for its difficult yet ridiculously entertaining Xbox Live Arcade racer Trials Evolution.  

Titled the Riders of Doom pack, the game features 40 new tracks that take place in the Big Sand Lands, an environment that actually rips apart as you ride through it, in pure apocalyptic fashion.  You'll have to keep on your toes to beat all these levels and record the best times.

In addition, you'll also unlock a variety of new editor objects to make your own dream levels and challenge others to complete them as well, along with 10 new skill games that will put you to the ultimate test.  A new Banshee bike will also be available for your riding pleasure.

Look for the pack sometime this month for the low price of $4.99.  It beats sitting around and reading prophecy books!