Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 8: Trypticon – A Desperate Plan

Take control of Jetfire as you make your way through Trypticon!

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Follow the Decepticon probe. 

Follow the probe through the tunnel. When you reach the open area ahead, drop down to the bottom and use your Thunder Blast ability on the doorway to gain passage. Head through the new opening, then switch to vehicle mode and fly up to the next doorway near the top. Use your ability again and drop down to the bottom once more. Blow through the last gate to find yourself in another tunnel. Watch out for the flame spires that shoot off in the tunnel. They’re easily avoided if you wait until they go out, then use your vehicle burst to quickly move past them.

Objective: Investigate the Trypticon ruins.

Objective: Open the energon exchange port. 

There are several Decepticons in the next area, but also plenty of room to take cover and use Jetfire’s Nucleon Charge Rifle. Take out the enemies, then adjust your loadout at the terminal in the room if need be. Head through the doorway and prepare to engage the enemies on the other side. 

There are three levers that need to be pulled, one to the left, one to the right and one that appears in the middle once the other two have been pulled. You do not need to exterminate all of the Decepticons to pull all three levers, so only focus on the ones directly in your path. 

Objective: Investigate the Trypticon ruins.

Objective: Find the Trypticon Core. 

Once all three levers have been pulled, head down into the big tunnel and use Thunder Blast on the doorway below. Continue to the next waypoint and adjust your loadout at the terminal along the way if need be. There are several turrets in the next room. Stay behind the structure just as you enter to avoid taking damage from the turrets, and use your Nucleon Charge Rifle to take them out from a distance. 

Adjust your loadout at the terminal, then head down and blast open the next doorway. Take out the Decepticons in the next open area, then proceed to the large room ahead. You need to take down two terminals, one on either side of the room. Both are guarded by a few Decepticons, and both require the Thunder Blast to gain access to the rooms and destroy the terminal once you’re inside. 

Each time you destroy a terminal, security forces are alerted and start patrolling the center of the area. To make it easier, clear each terminal room of Decepticons, but do not destroy the terminals until both areas are cleared. That way, you can blast from one area to the next and quickly take out both terminals with minimal opposition. Once both are down, clean up the remaining security drones in the middle to complete the objective. 

Objective: Initiate Trypticon Core orbital strike.

Objective: Escape the Trypticon ruins. 

Head to the center of the room and access the terminal. As soon as the new waypoint appears, switch to vehicle form and use your thrusters to navigate the tunnels and get out as quickly as you can. There’s a countdown before the whole place blows, but you need to be careful of various flame and laser traps. The lasers are easy enough to avoid. Simply wait for them to turn off, then quickly blast through. You should use your speed burst (LT or L2) throughout the entire tunnel to make sure you get out in time. Escape to complete the chapter.

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