Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 3: Scarred Lands – Getaway

Help Ironhide escape, beat The Swarm and reach the train.

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Escape with the Dark Spark.

Objective: Clear out The Swarm.

Objective: Help Ironhide to escape by grappling him. 

Access the terminal on the right to customize your loadout. Take down the Insecticons ahead, then use the grapple (your ability) to reach the top of the area. Take out the Insecticons that attack at the top, then move to the waypoint and grapple Ironhide to the top (hold down on the left analog stick once you’ve initiated the grapple). Take out the next batch of Insecticons, then head around to the next waypoint and grapple up to the level above. You’ll need to do this three more times until you reach the very top of the area. 

Objective: Escape with the Dark Spark.

Objective: Close the doors behind you.

Objective: Find a way to meet up with Ironhide. 

Follow Ironhide until a waypoint appears behind you. Run up to the waypoint and interact with the terminal. After being locked in the room, a horde of Insecticons attack. Circle around them until you have time to take them all out, then head through the newly opened doorway.

Access the terminal to customize your loadout if need be, then continue down the corridor. Take out the Insecticons that attack and grapple to the ledge above. Drop down to the next ledge just below, then grapple across again. Grapple over to the next ledge, take down a couple more Insecticons, then grapple one more time to the next ledge over. 

At this point, you need to turn around and grapple the opposite direction to the ledge on the right. From here, jump over toward the next ledge, then air dash and grapple when you get within range. If you’re trying to complete the challenge of only grappling six times, use air dashes instead of grapples anytime the next ledge is below or adjacent to you. 

When you reach the next platform, more Insecticons attack. However, this time they won’t stop attacking. You need to grapple to the ledge above, but you can use the endless supply of Insecticons to level up a bit if you wish. Crisscross the gap, moving from ledge to ledge until you finally reach the open room. Head to the end of the room and interact with the terminal if you need to adjust your loadout.

Continue to grapple from ledge to ledge, using air dashes when needed. Move toward the waypoint if you have trouble figuring out which direction to move. When you reach the waypoint, head through the door to find Ironhide taking on more Insecticons. 

Objective: Help Ironhide deal with the Brute.

There are a few smaller Insecticons in the room, take them down before you mess with the Brute. Once they’re taken care of, use the grapple to reach the catwalk above. Wait for the Brute to charge and crash into the wall, then drop down and use melee attacks until it gets up and turns around. Repeat this process for the three Brutes that attack, then follow Ironhide.

Objective: Get to the Train Station.

Objective: Clear out The Swarm.

Objective: Help Ironhide to escape by grappling him.

Objective: Escape with the Dark Spark.

Objective: Find a way to get a train to stop.

Objective: Wait for the next train. 

Continue through the corridors, taking out the Insecticons that attack. When the enemies are cleared, grapple to the platform above, then help Ironhide up. When you meet up with Optimus Prime, activate the automated turret in the middle of the area, then head around the back side of the control room and activate the trains. 

You’re going to miss the first train. There’s no way around this. A timer appears in the middle of the screen, counting down to the next train. You need to fend off the Insecticons until the next train arrives. With the turret in the middle of the area activated, alongside your fellow Autobots, you won’t have to do much work. In fact, aside from a few stray enemies, you won’t have to do anything. 

When Starscream shows up, ignore him as the turret and Insecticons handle him quickly. Shortly after the flying Insecticons arrive, you’ll need to access the turret again to repair it. After this, larger Insecticons appear. These can kill you in no time flat. If you want to avoid engaging them, simply move as far away from them as possible (toward the control room). When the train arrives, head toward it to complete the objective.

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