Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Walkthrough Chapter 11: Warehouse – Investigation

Find and rescue Drift inside Lockdown's facility!

Continue the adventure with Prima’s Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark walkthrough!

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Objective: Search the facility for any sign of Drift.

Once all of the mercenaries are down, head through the door at the waypoint. Adjust your loadout at the terminal if need be, then head into the next room. There are two terminals that need to be destroyed, one on either side of the room. Both are guarded by a number of mercenaries, but there’s plenty of cover to avoid taking damage. You’ll need to circle around to get to the terminals, as you can’t jump high enough for a direct assault.

Objective: Defeat Lockdown’s forces. 

With the terminals down, take care of the remaining enemies, then head toward the next waypoint. Another wave of enemies attacks in the next room. Take them down until the next waypoint appears, then head toward it to trigger another cut-scene. During the cut-scene, you need to shoot the person about to execute Drift. The reticule will not turn red. Just shoot the mercenary directly behind Drift to continue.

You’re now in control of Drift, but you still need to take down the mercenaries. If you head around the corner to the left, there’s a terminal where you can customize your loadout. You need to defeat all of the mercenaries before you can move on to the next objective. 

Objective: Run from the Titans and report to Optimus Prime. 

As soon as the Titans appear, head for the waypoint to find a terminal next to a door. A few normal mercenaries attack. Time is of the essence, so make quick work of them, then blast the terminal to open the door. Circle around the area until you reach the next door. There’s some mercenary opposition along the way, but nothing out of the ordinary. Blast the terminal next to the door to open it, then head outside and up the ramp to complete the chapter.

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