Oh, animal nature.  You let those things run loose and you have no idea what they’re going to do.  But if you play Namco Bandai’s Tokyo Jungle, you might have a few suggestions – like fighting to survive with a chicken or a Pomeranian.

Namco has announced today that the game, which is a big hit in Japan on PlayStation Network, finally has a US release.  It’ll hit our shores on September 25th, and will set you back $14.99 – a fair price for taking on other animals in your terrain.

The game features 50 different species to choose from, ranging from a small chick to an enormous dinosaur, and puts you right in the midst of a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, fighting for survival as you scrounge up food and battle enemies.  You’ll also have the chance to mate, in case the idea of a nuclear-ravaged city somehow turns you on.  Along with a story mode that progresses you through various animal tales, you’ll also be able to fight through a Survival Mode, where you fight through generations of animals, vying to stay alive.

Look for a preview on Tokyo Jungle soon.  A cockfight, this ain’t…