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The Real Game of The Year Goes to The Flute Player

For the performance in excellence

by Jesse Vitelli

The Game Awards 2022 had many captivating reveals, titillating world premieres, and some awards. Nothing was more eye-catching and passion-driven than this flute player during the annual Game of The Year orchestrion performance. Pedro Eustache is a Venezuela-born flautist and woodwind composer. He has worked on Steven Speilberg’s Munich, playing middle-eastern flutes, reeds, and Armenian Duduk. He was also on the 2021 film Dune with Hanz Zimmer. He is also on Paul McCartney’s songs “Jenny Wren” and “Growing up Falling Down.”

This dude went ham on multiple different instruments and left audience members in shock by the raw passion of this instrument playing.

The Real Game of The Year Goes to The Flute Player

Sure, Elden Ring won this year’s Game of The Year award, but we at Prima like to award different talents. Here at Prima, we are taking away the award from Elden Ring and giving it to the flute player. May you rock on in everything you do. We love you and the fleeting moment you gave us at the end of this year’s Game Awards ceremony.

Many people will be talking about the Final Fantasy XVI trailer, or maybe even the announcement of Armored Core VI, but we will be around the water cooler, holding up a weird photo of this human we don’t know. Telling everyone we know to just watch this quick performance. Hoping to captivate them the way this flute player did to us. Sharing the joyous yet fleeting moment of a simpler time.

If you rewatch the performance, you will see this human going absolutely sicko mode on multiple instruments. Serenading us with tunes from Horizon Forbidden West, Elden Ring, God of War Ragnarok, and many others. Maybe this man loves Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Who’s to say? It’s been a good year for music, and while the orchestra did a fantastic job as a whole, you’ve always got to have the one person who stands out.

There’s a minor whiplash in seeing your favorite game Elden Ring, and then a man wailing on a small Piccolo at the highest pitch only dogs could hear it.

Update: We reached out for comment to Pedro about the night’s performance. Here’s what he said to say.

“IT WAS A JOY TO DO THIS!! The music, musicians, Lorne, everything was so full of life! It is a blessing to do… And the reaction of the audience on top of it!  SO SPECIAL! I just LOVED IT!”

At the end of the ceremony, Geoff Keighley announced a performance at the LA Bowl; maybe you can catch the flute guy there, but who knows? More information on that will happen later next year.

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