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The Outer Worlds Shows Off New Footage In Advance of October 25 Release

by Ginny Woo

The Outer Worlds was once again trotted out at Inside Xbox to much fanfare. Obsidian’s latest showed off some brilliant new footage that displayed a whole range of combat options for aspiring colonists on Halycon, and cemented our hopes and dreams that it would be a player-decision-driven experience when it finally launches on October 25

Senior Narrative Designer, Megan Starks talked the Inside Xbox crew through this new Sci-fi singleplayer RPG from the creators of the original Fallout franchise, and shared some juicy details on-stream. Essentially, you’re going to get a hell a lot of freedom of choice to do what you want in the game, including the interpersonal politicking that we loved engaged in when we were cracking through Fallout: New Vegas. 

One highlight of The Outer Worlds is the new concept of the Leadership skills, which means that you can spec into companion-focused skills that let you lord it over your party mates. Need a mini army to do your bidding while you’re pitting factions against each other? You can make that a reality. If you fancy yourself a bit more of a mad scientist type who wants to shrink your enemies down or to disguise yourself by getting facial surgery on the go to blend in, you can definitely take that route as well!

We’re very excited to go on this off-planet journey in The Outer Worlds, especially since we’ve got the Obsidian team elbow-deep in preparing to turn this into the best exploration of space capitalism that we’ve ever encountered. We don’t even have too long to wait: as mentioned, the release date for The Outer Worlds is October 25. If you’ve been jonesing for a great sci-fi RPG, then you’ve undoubtedly got your fingers crossed just like we do. We’ll update this post with the latest footage once it’s available.


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