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The Original Angry Birds Are No More… Again

Not again...

by Nikola L

A lot of you who are opening up this article are probably having a flashback from recent history, when Angry Birds got unpublished for the first time, back in 2019. Well, it happened again, and for somewhat confusing reasons.

The news about this rubs us the wrong way, and here’s what we’ve found on this subject.

Angry Birds Classic Delisted from Google Play Store, Remains on Apple Store (For Now)

Indeed, the Angry Birds have quite a rich history and gave a lot to Rovio. There was a story that after about 50 failed games, Angry Birds came to the scene, and seized all the sunlight it could, being downloaded billions of times, and starting an entire series of Angry Birds games, tons of different merchandise, etc.

Angry Birds got “plugged” back in 2019, but it came back under a different name: “Rovio Classics: AB”, with a symbolic price of $1. People massively bought it again, to preserve this historical game on their devices and Google Play Accounts, but it seems that once again, the classic version of Angry Birds is coming to an end on Google Play Store.

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Don’t fear, Apple users, the game will stay on Apple Store for now, but under a different name: “Red’s First Flight”. All of the keywords people would usually search for are gone, indicating that they want to hide their game. Here’s the official Tweet:

Official Tweet from Rovio Account

“As the statement says, it is negatively impacting our other games, which is what we as a company have to focus on.
If those other games do not improve and grow, then the outlook of the entire company changes. It’s harder to create new games, or work on new projects. I’m not sure that’s something you’d want.”

Community Manager Shawn “Buck” Buckelew’s Statement from Discord

Basically, players are flocking to the original Angry Birds game to this day and after all these years, refusing to accept the new iterations of the game. This is the sad reality of today’s gaming, where a game that brought you all the fame and glory, (and livelihood, of course), needs to be binned if you intend to maintain your growth. Sad and cruel times.

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We hope that Rovio will manage to give the community what they want in the new games. Thank you for stopping by Prima Games, we hope to see you soon!

Nikola L

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