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Terraria Reveals Journey’s End Update During E3 2019

by John Cooper

Terraria is a game that has been existing as an ever-evolving experience ever since it launched back in 2011. Well, today at the PC Gaming E3 show Re-Logic, the developers behind the game, unveiled their latest update to Terraria and it’s called Journey’s End. This is the fourth major update to the game and will bring with it heaps of new content for players to pick(axe) at lovingly. 

There will be a slew of new additions in this update as well as a huge rehaul of the existing content that’s already there. Best of all, it will be free. Along with over 800 new items, new enemies, and some new minor biomes are some genuinely huge additions. The first of these big things is the ability to play golf. Sure, it’s a little odd, but the joy of Terraria has always come from the things that you can do within it. Adding in something like this just gives you another toy to play with. 

The other big thing that was announced is a new, even harder difficulty mode called the Master Mode. This is a step above the already challenging Expert Mode and rather than rewarding players with useable items, will just be there for the challenge. You can expect to jump into this towards the end of the year, though no set release date has been announced. 

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