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Borderlands 3 Writer Says He’s Down to Make a Tales From the Borderlands Sequel

by Liana Ruppert

Following the announcement that the TellTale Games brand has been resurrected following its abrupt closure last year, one Borderlands 3 writer has offered a little hope concerning ever seeing a Tales from the Borderlands sequel. 

TellTale Games made carved out the narrative-driven storybook game genre in a big way with major mainstay titles like The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, and their entry into the Borderlands franchise. Though not the first company to indulge in this particular brand of storytelling, they certainly made a name for themselves as the kings of this genre – which left a huge vacuum when the doors shut down. 

While many lamented the discontinuation of some of their amazing stories that had the potential for sequels, it looks like the recent resurrection could bring some of those licenses back. Speaking with ComicBook, Borderlands 3 co-lead Sam Winkler mentioned that the Tales narrative still had some juice left in it, something that the team over at Gearbox would very much like to continue. “I would love to pick up where Tales from the Borderlands season 1 left off,” he told the site. “There’s so many unsolved threads there, and even though we brought some characters in Borderlands 3 – there’s still a lot of question marks.”

As a huge fan of the humor that the Tales game offered and the very memorable characters, I would love to see Gearbox continue this. Whether in-house or over to the hands of TellTale 2.0, I just want to see some of those characters again – and a chance to remember Rhys in his not-so-evil form that we saw in the Borderlands 3 trailers. 

As for the next entry into the Borderlands series, Borderlands 3 releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on September 13th. 

Liana Ruppert

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