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Telltale Games Goes All-In For Poker Night 2 Unlocks

by Prima Games Staff

The excitement for this month’s release of Poker Night 2 from Telltale Games continues to build and not just because you have the opportunity to play The Venture Bros.’ Brock Samson against Ash from the Evil Dead series.

Telltale has released a new video detailing the number of awesome unlocks you’ll be able to earn in the game.  These come from meeting specific challenges, such as playing certain tournaments or acquiring ideal hands in the middle of a match, and include table skins, character skins, card decks and exclusive theme/Avatar goodies for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively.

If you have Borderlands 2 you’ll earn even more goodies in the form of exclusive character skins for that game.  Meanwhile, those who have the game on Steam can unlock custom new skins for the popular Team Fortress 2. 

You can watch the trailer here and see everything that the upcoming in-game content has to offer…as well as a potential love story between Borderlands’ Claptrap and GLAdOS from Portal.  Can you imagine what the kids would look like?!

Poker Night 2 releases later this month for PC and consoles.

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