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Team Unnamed_ Claims FFXIV’s World First Omega Protocol Clear

It's finally finished. Hello World.

by Jesse Vitelli

After almost an entire week of running the newest Ultimate raid in FFXIV, The Omega Protocol, we finally have a winner in the world’s first race. Team Unnamed_ is officially the first to clear the grueling Ultimate race just hours before the first weekly reset.

Update 1/31/23 11:37 am EST: This morning, Producer and Director of FFXIV Naoki Yoshida issued a statement about an investigation into Team Unnamed after video footage of them using illegal third-party tools was released. Part of the statement issued by Yoshida can be read below. You can read the full statement here.

“We are aware of information that is being spread regarding the use of third-party tools within The Omega Protocol (Ultimate)—we are conducting an investigation on the matter, including reviewing of reports we have received, as well as self-confessions and other information.”

Team Unnamed_ Claims FFXIV’s World First Omega Protocol Clear

Plenty of teams like Neverland, Kindred, Otter Nuts, and more have been progressing through the Ultimate all week, but team Unnamed has taken the win. Many teams decide not to stream their world race clears because it can give other players strategies or a heads-up on specific mechanics. Team Unnamed_ is one of the teams that do not stream, so we haven’t seen the breadth of what Phase six has in store for players.

You can watch a week’s worth of coverage on Mogtalk, which ended its broadcast yesterday after six days of non-stop coverage.

The Omega Protocol has taken longer to clear than Patch 6.1’s Ultimate Dragonsong Reprise, which was taken down first by team Neverland.

As players continue to try and pass the finish line, it’s unclear how long the remaining teams will take.

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Also, it’s notable that this clear features a Machinist in one of the DPS slots. We haven’t seen that class get a world-first clear since A12S. The job recently got buffed in the 6.3 patch and now has Dismantle as a utility, which could be a significant reason why it was picked up this time around.

We’re curious to see one of the streaming teams clear Phase Six to see the full scope of The Omega Protocol. It’s going to be a long time before a Party Finder team is able to clear this, but now that it’s been done, strats and teams will start to come together for it.

Team Unnamed_ also took the world’s first race for patch 6.2’s Pandaemonium Abyssos Savage raids. This team is a hard one to beat, and we’re curious to see the next set of raid clears in patch 6.4. You can take a look at the team’s group photo confirming the win.

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