Tales of Xillia: Aifread’s Treasures

From the Mysterious Jewel to a Pet Dragon, we show you how to find them all.

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Throughout your journey in Tales of Xillia, you will come across treasures left by the pirate Aifread. You first learn of these in Hamil by talking to a small child near the entrance to the village. Aifread’s treasures are hidden in various locations and are easy to identify, thanks to their unique shape and purple coloring. There are 50 treasures in total, and to make hunting easier, we put together a handy list.

Mysterious Jewel (Hamil): You will obtain this treasure automatically after speaking to the boy in Hamil that introduces you to the quest.

Bandage (Galia Trail – East Region): Take a left into the second large, open area and you will see the treasure hanging in a tree near the southern wall.

2000 gald (Galia Trail – West Region): This treasure is hidden on the south side of a rock along the eastern wall.

Pet Dragon (Kijara Seafalls – Central): Go through the small tunnel in front of you when you first enter the area and spin the camera around to spot the treasure up on a wall.

Guardian Emblem (Kijara Seafalls – West Beach): After fighting the Greater Demon, climb the plateau in the center of the area and move south down to a treasure chest. When you swing the camera back around to the plateau, you will see the treasure on your left.

Black Bunny Ears (Sapstrath Deepwood – North): These can be found in the  map. From Sapstrath Deepwood – Northeast, take the northern exit. Climb through the tunnel to the north and climb up the steps to find this treasure in a tree.

Elixir x2 (Sapstrath Deepwood – Southwest Region): Enter from the Southwest Region of the Sapstrath Highroad and look north of the memory stone to spot a treasure hiding in the roots.

Mysterious Jewel (Sapstrath Highroad – North Branch): Instead of going west to Sharilton after the fight with Jiao, climb up the vines to the north to reach the North Branch. Climb up the northernmost platform in this area to find the treasure hiding in a tree.

Black Dog’s Tail (Culmar Trail): Head to the far western part of the Trail to the loop. This treasure is tucked away on the western side of the rocks.

4000 gald (Culmar Trail): When you reach the south end of the trail, instead of heading toward Bermia Gorge to the west, take the path to your left and head east. At the end of the path is a tree with the treasure inside.

Headband (Bermia Gorge – South Region): Instead of climbing the vines to progress further up the mountain, move to the left to find a treasure hiding halfway around the corner on the wall.

Elixir x2 (Bermia Gorge – Northwest Region): After climbing up the vines to the highest pathway, turn around to the right to see the treasure clinging to the wall.

Half-Frame Glasses (Voltea Woods – Southwest Region): From the entrance to the Felgana Mines, follow the western wall to the small raised area and look in the trees to obtain the treasure.

Mysterious Jewel (Voltea Woods – Northeast Branch): This treasure is in a tree along the northern wall shortly after entering from the Southwest Region.

Backpack (Felgana Mine – Natural Tunnel): Instead of proceeding to the second area of the mines, follow the northern path to find the treasure sitting on a ledge.

5000 gald (Felgana Mine – Shaft 4): In the northeastern corner of the area you can find a treasure chest and a mining location. Look up on the wall near the mining location to find the treasure.

Black Dog ears (Sapstrath Highroad – Northeast): On your first trip through the Sapstrath Highroad, there is a cliff to the north that you cannot access because of the checkpoint. Once chapter two begins, the checkpoint is gone and you can access the cliff. Look on the western wall for this treasure.

Rage Glasses (Old Vicale Mine – South Region): Head to the large, open area. Move along the north wall and you will see the treasure on a stone pillar to your left.

Skill tome “Pinprick” (Old Vicale Mines – North Region): Take the first path to the left into the open area and follow the wall to your left. Roughly halfway along this wall is a stalagmite to the right with a treasure on it.

Colored Sunglasses (Lakutam Highroad – Southwest Region): This treasure is hanging on the large pillar in the northern part of the area.

Skill tome “Skill Dividend” (Lakutam Highroad – Central Region): In the far northeast corner of the area, this treasure can be found hiding behind a rock.

Topknot (Royal Hunting Grounds – Southwest Region): After leaving Xian Du, head to the eastern part of the area to a raised platform along the south wall. The treasure can be found hanging in a tree.

Mysterious Jewel (Royal Hunting Grounds – Central Region): Follow the road through the area until you see the raised platform to your left and climb up. The treasure is on the backside of the large rock in the center of the platform.

Goofy Glasses (Labari Hollow): This treasure is cleverly placed underneath the upper bridge. Make your way down to the lower bridge and pan the camera around to spot it hanging above you.

Skill Tome “Gifted Healer” (Labari Hollow – Sector 1): This treasure is in the corner of the northern room.

10,000 gald (Xagut Floodmeadow – North Region): The treasure can be found in a tree to the east, just south of the pond.

Black Dog’s Muzzle (Xagut Floodmeadow – Southeast Region): Look to the north in the narrow crossway between the eastern and western sections of the area to spot the treasure.

Sideburns (Mon Highlands – Central Region): You can find this treasure in a tree near the northeast exit of the area.

Skill Tome “Joyful Gains” (Mon Highlands – North Branch): Enter the Silent Cave from the Central Region of the Mon Highlands and head down the long tunnel until you see a small crawl space on your right. Crawling through it will allow you to bypass the boulders and enter the North Branch. The treasure is along the eastern wall, tucked behind a large rock.

Omega Elixir (Fort Gandala – West Gate): From Barnauer Highroad, head east to reach Fort Gandala. There is a treasure tucked behind some crates to the left of the gate.

Mysterious Jewel (Arklund Quag – Central Region): This treasure is behind a rock on the eastern side of the pond near the northern exit.

Devil Tail (Arklund Quag – Northwest Region): Follow the eastern wall up toward the entrance to Fezebel Marsh. The treasure is in a tree roughly halfway up the area.

Treasures 33-36 are available after the events at Fezebel Marsh as Milla, or after returning from Elympios as Jude.

Heart Eyepatch (Sillea Tundra – South Region): Head directly east from the memory stone to spot the treasure in the trees near a treasure chest.

Omega Elixir (Sillea Tundra – North Region): From the memory stone, follow the western wall to a large rock near the raised platform. The treasure is on the back of the rock.

Skill Tome “Wall of Soul” (Nala Lava Tubes – South Region): Climb onto the ledge to reach the tunnel running north. Pass the climbable vines on your left and proceed down the passage to see the treasure hanging on a wall to your right.

10,000 gald (Nala Lava Tubes – Central Region): Climb the vines to the east near the northern exit of the area, then head to the end of the hallway to grab this treasure.

Treasures 37-40 are available after the events at Fezebel Marsh as Jude, or after returning from Elympios as Milla.

Swordsman’s Eyepatch (Tulea Tundra – South Region): Look in the trees near the wall to the southwest of the memory stone to grab this treasure.

Omega Elixir (Tulea Tundra – North Region): From the northern exit into the Kukhar Ice Caverns, follow the western wall to the south and you will see the treasure stuck up on the wall.

Rosy Cheeks (Kukhar Ice Caverns – Central Region): From the southern entrance to the area, when the path splits into three hallways, take the path to the far right. The treasure will be up on the wall to your left.

10,000 gald (Khukar Ice Caverns – North Region): Near the exit to Xailen Woods is a section of tunnel that forms a figure 8 on your map. Take the northern tunnel and you will see the treasure up on the wall.

Full-frame Glasses (Xailen Woods): This treasure is hiding behind a large rock roughly halfway across the northern wall of the area.

Treasures 42 & 43 appear normally if you are playing with Jude as your main character, but if you chose Milla, you must return to the Hollowmont near the end of the game on your own to collect the treasures.

Angel Wings (Nia Khera Hollowmont – Trailhead): From Milla’s Shrine, climb up the first ledge and look behind the large rock to grab the treasure.

Dark Seal (Nia Khera Hollowmont – Halfway Point): North of the memory stone is a crawl space in the wall. Crawl through to find the treasure on the wall next to a chest

Hunter’s Monocle (Torbalan Highroad – North Region): Look in the trees along the northern wall to find this treasure.

Harold Mask (Helioborg Fortress – Sector 4): When you enter the area, head to the split at the end of the hall and swing to the right. The treasure is tucked away in a corner near the closed gate.

Skill Tome: Widened Limits (Helioborg Fortress): On the tenth floor of the Military Research Wing, head to the eastern hallway and look behind the light fixture near the broken cables to spot this treasure.

Collar (Rusalle Highroad – Central Region): Follow the eastern wall in the area and you will see this treasure on a rock in plain sight.

Rare Boots (Rusalle Highroad – North Region): This treasure is hidden in a tree along the north wall near the exit to the Tatalian Abyss.

Superhero Belt (Tatalian Abyss – B1F): In the second area of the abyss, after breaking the first earth seal, head to the right. When your path splits, head to the left (northeast) and look for some crates near the southeastern wall. It is difficult to get the camera to see it, but there is a treasure on the backside of one of the crates.

Mysterious Jewel (Tatalian Abyss – B3F): Head left when you enter the area and take the first path to your right to find this floor’s wind seal. Turn around after breaking it and you will see the treasure on the wooden frame to the right of the tunnel’s entrance.

Tales of Xillia is currently available on PlayStation 3.


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