Namco Bandai has done a great job with its Tales RPG series. Along with preparing the long-awaited U.S. translation of Tales of Xillia coming later this summer, it just announced another addition to the collection.

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles will appear exclusively on PlayStation 3, and will include both the original Symphonia along with its companion game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Both games were remastered in high definition and include hours of value.

The game follows Lloyd Irving as he sets out on a grand adventure with his friends to restore mana to the world of Sylvarant, which is a source of energy required to keep the world alive.  There's also a parallel world, Tethe'alla, which also needs mana.  Lloyd and his team must battle the odds while trying to keep both worlds intact.

The game will be available early 2014.  Look for a strategic preview soon.