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Super Mario Run Comes to iPhone

by Bryan Dawson

The big news of today may seem like it’s the official announcement of the iPhone 7 (in a variety of new colors no less), but it’s now Apple kicked off the event that really brought the house down. Shigeru Miyamoto, then creator of Mario and a legend at Nintendo, unveiled Super Mario Run for iOS. While the game will be releasing for Android as well, the important fact is that Mario is coming to mobile and the audience in attendance went ballistic.

While very little is known about Super Mario Run at the moment, it does have a retro 80s vibe which makes it an instant classic. The new game closely resembles New Super Mario Bros. as you can see in the video below. In fact, if you didn’t know you were watching a mobile game, you might think this was coming to a Nintendo console or handheld in the near future.

Expect to see Nintendo go on the iOS store in December, with an Android release coming sometime in the future. We’ll have more on Super Mario Run in the coming months.

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