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Super Bomberman R Online Headed to Consoles, PC

by Lucas White

A battle royale offshoot sprouted from Konami’s Super Bomberman R, this strange piece of videogame was released previously as a timed exclusive for Google Stadia. Konami has announced today that the exclusivity is almost up, and Super Bomberman R Online will come to consoles and PC as a free-to-play game with DLC available for purchase.

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Using the framework of the 2017 Switch launch title (which later appeared on other platforms as well), this title introduces a new mode called Battle 64, which is exactly what it sounds like. Players drop onto a huge Bomberman level, and battle down to the last cartoon arsonist standing.

No other content from the proper Super Bomberman R will appear in Online, at least in the free version. You’ll have access to Battle 64, as well as the different Bomber characters from the original’s story mode. If you pay for the DLC, you get a bit more.

For $9.99 you’ll get all the bonus characters from the original game, including the likes of Pyramid Head, Simon Belmont and Solid Snake (or whatever Snake iteration). There are 14 additional characters total, but this pack also adds gameplay options. Your ten bones also includes a 16 player Grand Prix mode, a standard 3v3 mode, and the ability to host a private room for those and Battle 64.

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There’s no release date yet, but if you’ve been curious about this wacky spinoff to a really (in my mind) underappreciated game you can finally check it out. You could also get a Stada Pro account, I guess.

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