Today, publisher Dotemu revealed that Streets of Rage 4, one of last year’s most well-recieved games, is getting more content soon.

Guard Crush and Lizardcube have been working on a package called “Mr X. Nightmare,” which is a surprisingly substantial expansion that comes with new story content, new playable characters and more ways to play Streets of Rage 4 in general.

Streets of Rage 4’s Mr. X Nightmare DLC Revealed: New Characters, Moves and More

You can check out the trailer below, which shows off a lot of the new content, especially former boss-turned-ally-turned-playable-brawler Estel Aguierre. You can also see examples of new moves, new visual effects and a hint at the new chapter in the story. Check it out for yourself:

A wishlist page for the Mr. X Nightmare DLC is already up on Steam, which provides a few more hints as of what’s to come. The story is set after the events of the original release, and sees returning character Dr. Zan using remnants of Mr. X’s brain to train the heroes for upcoming threats to Wood City.

We also see teases for two more new playable characters besides Estel, new game modes such as a survival mode, samples of new music tracks from Sonic Mania’s Tee Lopes, new weapons and some degree of character customization with new moves for each character.

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There’s neither a price nor a release date for Streets of Rage 4’s Mr. X Nightmare DLC, but we’ll likely hear more about it pretty soon. Dotemu also recently announced a new Ninja Turtles brawler, a pixelated homage to games like Turtles in Time. When it comes to bringing back older IP for new runs, Dotemu is really cementing itself as a powerful force in that arena.

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