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Street Fighter 6 Kicks Off First Anniversary with New Fighting Pass and In-Game Sale

It's been one whole year since SF6 hit the streets

Street Fighter 6’s first anniversary is upon us, and so are some celebratory sales and a hefty Fighting Pass. From June 3 until June 25, Street Fighter 6 will see some enticing sales in its in-game shop. While the Fighter Coins used to purchase goods from the in-game shop are unchanged, many items are at a respectable 20% discount, including the Outfit 3s of the original 18 fighters.

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You can get characters’ Outfit 2s for free through World Tour Mode, even for DLC fighters like Ed and Akuma. Unfortunately, Outfit 3s don’t have that same luxury. They are typically 300 Fighter Coins (about US$6), but the Outfit 3s for the game’s original cast are 240 Fighter Coins for the duration of the sale. This also means you don’t have to buy the $10 bundle to get a single costume—you can get the 250 Fighter Coin bundle for $5 instead.

A few extra items are also at a 20% discount during the sale: the “Cartoonish” challenge customization portraits for the non-DLC fighters have gone down from 100 Fighter Coins to 80 Fighter Coins, as have some avatar emotes. Certain sticker sets are also discounted from 200 Fighter Coins to 160. Additionally, certain avatar items in the Hub Goods Shop are discounted by 20%.

The “Street Fighter 6 1st Anniversary” Fighting Pass is also live to celebrate the milestone. It will be active until June 24, and its free rewards include a sticker, emote, title, anniversary-themed frame and background, and an alternate color avatar item of Li-Fen’s glasses. The paid Fighting Pass rewards include additional Li-Fen themed avatar items; music of the Suzaku Castle, Air Force Base, and Honda Sento stages; stickers; and enough Fighter Coins to pay itself off if you reach the final level.

Players interested in any of the above deals or rewards should check them out before June ends, since it may be a while before sales like this return again. Even players who aren’t interested in buying from Street Fighter 6’s in-game shop can grab a few free commemorative items and rewards from the Fighting Pass to celebrate the anniversary.

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