With a Halloween sale going on now, a lot of PC gamers are looking to check out the Steam store to see what's up! Unfortunately, there's going to be a bit of a wait because it seems that the client is down. 

Is Steam down? 

For those trying to get on the Steam website, through the client or through the site itself, many are being hit with the Error Code "118". In the last hour, over 5,000 users have been reporting issues, something that Valve has not yet addressed at this time but hopefully will have a fix out soon. 

Error Code 118 usually means that the wanted response is not happening due to the inability to connect to the server. This could mean the server is offline or that the user itself is not connected. Since so many are having this issue, it's fair to say that the server on their side is having issues. Perhaps this means a massive update, maybe even stemming off of the EA teaser from earlier

Until Valve issues a response, it's all just speculation as to what's going on behind the scenes but with so many awesome deals on the horizon, we hope a fix is imminent. 

Are you experiencing any other issues related to Valve's Steam? Hit us up over on Twitter @PrimaGames to help us further investigate what's going on! 

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