Starfield Player Discovers Genius Way to Steal Without Getting Caught

Steal everything in sight without anyone noticing.

Starfield Player Discovers Genius Way to Steal Without Getting Caught

As we progress further into Starfield’s early access period days before its official launch on September 6, fans find numerous ways to use unique and odd mechanics to make the game more enjoyable. From poking fun at wacky bugs to finding speedrun tactics, there’s no shortage of interesting “features” to check out. Reddit users are also taking advantage of this, with someone finding a great way to steal items from vendors: using large objects to push things out of the NPC’s sight.

As shown in the r/Starfield thread by u/Dave78905, you can use larger objects – in this case, a trashcan – to push small, expensive items around the map. In the video, Dave uses the trashcan to move the gun off a table, across the floor, and into an empty hallway far away from the vendor, Bianchi. Dave could now comfortably pick up the weapon without anyone noticing the crime.

It is truly a great way to clean out someone’s entire shop without them questioning what’s happening. You may even get a weapon upgrade or some valuable materials if you’re lucky.

When I first saw this, it reminded me of my days as a Thieves Guild member in Skyrim, carrying items out of stores and away from prying eyes before stealing them and moving on with my day. While it may have taken some of the fun away at times, it was a very entertaining way to make some money and appreciate the game’s mechanics.

As various commenters point out in the thread, if you want to have some fun, you can even put the trashcan or other odd objects on NPC’s heads. It won’t help you with your thievery, but it makes for a funny situation.

If you head to Antonio Bianchi’s shop to attempt this theft method, it may be worth speaking to him about a special pair of Lucky Boots.

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