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Star Wars Republic Commando Coming to PS4 and PS5 This April

by Morgan Shaver

First released in 2005, Star Wars Republic Commando is a beloved Lucasarts staple and highly acclaimed fan favorite. Now, 16 years after its initial release date, Star Wars fans will have the opportunity to experience the game again on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this April as well as Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars Republic Commando Coming to PS4 and PS5 This April

Star Wars Republic Commando is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 (via backwards compatibility), and Nintendo Switch on April 6.

The port comes courtesy of Aspyr Media which was recently acquired by Embracer Group earlier this month and who’ve handled other Star Wars titles in the past such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

On the PS Blog, Mallie Rust, Marketing Specialist at Aspyr, notes that the company has received “many, many, many tweets and comments requesting it” and that Aspyr is now answering those requests. 

“Aspyr Media is bringing Star Wars Republic Commando to PlayStation 4 for the first time April 6 and yes, we included a platinum trophy.” 

The blog post then proceeds to walk gamers through the things they can expect from Star Wars Republic Commando on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, with a few key changes noted such as updating the controls for DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers.

Also included is a little refresher in regards to what Star Wars Republic Commando is.

“In Star Wars Republic Commando, you’ve got your trusty blaster rifle and your squad of elite clone troopers at your side. The game adds a tactical layer to the first person shooter genre with squad commands.

You’ll play as Delta Squad leader RC-1138, AKA Delta Three-Eight, AKA “Boss,” but no clone is alone. The squad is your weapon, especially when you call the shots with maneuvers. Sure, your squadmates can maintain formation and execute tactics on their own, but the key to success is directing your squad to victory.

These maneuvers include commands to perform special tasks like demolitions or door breaches, search and destroy commands, and calls for your squad to form-up behind you. Your squad can even revive you when you fall in battle!”

Towards the end of the blog post, details about the updates made to Star Wars Republic Commando are noted.

“Here at Aspyr, we respect the classics. We’ve done our best to faithfully recreate the original Star Wars Republic Commando feel with a few modern twists.

What worked in 2005 doesn’t translate perfectly to modern hardware.  That’s why we updated  the controls to feel just right on the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers (playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility).

Of course, no Aspyr port would be complete without new trophies to hunt. As you make your way through the game’s you’ll earn trophies for everything from completing campaigns to fending off droids.”

Star Wars Republic Commando will be available for PS4, PS5 (via backwards compatibility), and Nintendo Switch starting April 6 and can be purchased for $14.99 (USD) with pre-orders available now.

For more on the upcoming PlayStation release of Star Wars Republic Commando, be sure to read through the full blog post from Aspyr

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