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New Star Wars: Battlefront Missions and Multiplayer Modes, Season Pass Revealed

by Prima Games Staff

Star Wars: Battlefront is a little over a month away, and Electronic Arts continues to roll out new details concerning its multiplayer extravaganza. Today the publisher unveiled new Missions, MP modes and finally, the game’s Season Pass. 

Previously, EA gave us a taste of Battlefront Missions with Survival, which tasks players with outlasting progressively difficult waves of Imperial forces. Additionally, the game will feature Training, Battles and Hero Battles. 

Training is exactly that, a mode designed to get players familiar with Battlefront. They’ll pilot X-Wings over Tatooine, steer Speeder Bikes through Endor and control Darth Vader to complete different objectives.

Battles let you choose a side, then test your skills against a friend or the AI. Think of it as a way to get accustomed to large-scale warfare before diving into multiplayer. 

Hero Battles put you in control of Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and other iconic characters from the Star Wars universe. This should be one of the game’s popular mission types, since it takes a bit of luck to become one of these characters during a multiplayer match. 

On the multiplayer front, we already knew about Walker Assault, Blast, Drop Zone and the vehicle-exclusive Fighter Squadron modes. Now there’s Supremacy, Cargo and Droid Run. 

In Supremacy, up to 40 players fight to control five spots on some of the biggest maps in the game. Both ground and air-based vehicles will be available.

Cargo, on the other hand, is a tug of war style mode where both the Imperial and Rebel sides attempt to grab precious cargo from the enemy base and quickly deliver the goods to their own base. 

Finally, Droid Run challenges each team comprised of six players each to capture and protect three GNK Power Droids, otherwise known as GONK Droids. The catch? The GONK Droids are constantly on the move, albeit slowly.

Last but not least is the Star Wars: Battlefront Season Pass. This will include four expansion packs (release dates TBA). Season Pass subscribers will receive this content two weeks early and a Shoot First emote.  If you want to go all in, the Battlefront Deluxe Edition comes with everything. If you’re on the fence, the Star Wars: Battlefront beta was extended one more day to October 13.

We’ll have plenty more on Star Wars: Battlefront in the weeks ahead!

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