Square Enix has revealed that its classic RPG Final Fantasy 3 is coming to Android-based console Ouya at launch.

The game will be “fully optimized” for the mould-breaking console, and, as per requirements for all games on the system, a free demo will be available to download.

Square Enix Japan also discussed bringing other titles to the system in the future, (thanks Square Portal).

FF3 is already available on Android devices as a port of the 2006 DS rehash rather than a simple conversion of the original.

While this mightn’t have the impact of new IP, a sequel to a recent game or a rehash of something released on current-gen living room consoles, it’s pretty significant to see such a huge publisher showing some support for what’s a fairly unusual system.

Last week brought news of a partnership between OnLive and Ouya, which effectively renders hundreds of games playable on the console providing the user’s connection speed can meet the demand.

Ouya was launched via a Kickstarter pledge and is still making money ever after way surpassing the original $950,000 goal and making it up to $5.8 million. Eight days still remain.