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Square Enix Announces Two Mobile Games to Expand Final Fantasy VII Lore

by Lucas White

Square Enix isn’t playing around today. Once again, the legendary RPG company took the main event slot during a State of Play with, funnily enough, Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade. But there’s more to this new Compilation. Square Enix also announced two new mobile games after the show, one retelling the whole saga and the other taking place before Remake. Also, that one’s a battle royale.

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The Battle Royale is called Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, in which players will compete to presumably become the first to enlist in SOLDIER. This struggle happens in the storyline around 30 years before Final Fantasy VII. You’ll fight with magic and other abilities, which you can check out in the announcement footage. The release window for this is currently later this year, in 2021.

Next up is Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, and this one is fascinating. It’s an episodic, single-player RPG in a similar vein to Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition. With a scenario written by Kazushige Nojima, Ever Crisis retells the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII stories in this new RPG style. 

Ever Crisis includes Before Crisis, which was previously released as a mobile game (before the emergence of smartphones, yikes) and never localized. So while it’s a totally different game, that slice of the story has never been officially translated and released. Wild. Ever Crisis won’t be coming around until 2022, which is about how long it’ll take me to process this thing existing.

If you’re still here, Square Enix also announced the Final Fantasy Remake soundtrack will hit subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music tomorrow, February 26.

That’s a lot, and it makes very specific parts of my brain hurt. What about our readers? How does this make you feel? Let us know over at the Prima Games Twitter and Facebook channels!


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