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Square Enix Announces Tactical RPG Project Triangle Strategy for 2022

by Lucas White

During the first full Nintendo Direct of 2021, Square Enix was one of three publishers given space to announce a game with a planned 2022 release. This game was announced with a tentative title, “Project Triangle Strategy.”

A follow-up of sorts to Octopath Traveler, this tactical RPG employs a similar visual style but in a new style of game.

Square Enix Announces Tactical RPG Project Triangle Strategy for 2022

Notably, as the game is introduced, Project Triangle Strategy was called the “latest in the HD-2D series.” Obviously, HD-2D was the term coined for Octopath Traveler’s visuals, but it seems like this might be a new brand. There’s even a cute, little badge logo.

Watch the trailer here:

Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics or War of the Visions will definitely recognize the gameplay, with its similar measurements of statistics such as elevation. This game is far more active though, with environmental factors like fire, zip lines and more.

The story was introduced as deeply political, and the trailer noted decision-making will be a large part of the story.

Another interesting aspect here is it isn’t clear if this is the team that made Octopath Traveler coming back or not. Nintendo is also the publisher once again, which means this likely won’t come to other platforms (save for maybe PC).

Presumably, the “triangle” part of the title refers to a triangular weakness/resistance loop, a common mechanic in tactical RPGs. That’s just me guessing, though! I’m also suspicious of the “tentative title” thing, since all that happened last time was “Project” getting snipped off.

Either way, fans of Octopath Traveler and games like Ogre Battle or Fire Emblem (and the other games mentioned above) may be interested to know a demo dropped on the Nintendo Switch eShop after the Direct, following Square Enix’s pattern of offering early demos paired with a wave of player surveys.

We can expect to see information on Project Triangle Strategy rolled out in similar fashion to Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default II, both of which were big parts of various Nintendo presentations.

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