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Spinal Gameplay Trailer Overview

by Bryan Dawson

Double Helix Games teamed up with IGN this morning to unleash the Spinal gameplay and Fulgore reveal trailer to the world. The trailer is one of the longest gameplay trailers to date for Killer Instinct and features a good look at Spinal’s stage, in addition to many of his more unique gameplay features. At the end of the trailer fans get a great tease of Fulgore, the next character to be released. Fulgore is slated to release sometime in March, alongside story mode and arcade mode.

In addition to the gameplay trailer, there are many more Spinal goodies on IGN today. You can find videos of his six color options, Ultra Combo, and various accessories. There’s also a 17-minute developer walkthrough of Spinal which covers the following information:

  • Normal skull is advantage on block.
  • Heavy teleport with skull can cancel into a special move.
  • Sword Spin is upper body invincible.
  • Shadow Shield Bash is throw invincible.
  • Shadow teleport is throw invincible.
  • Shadow skull absorbs Instinct meter and stacks up to three times.
  • Normal skull absorbs Shadow meter and stacks up to five times.
  • Stacks carry over between rounds.
  • In Instinct mode gains all five skulls, then regenerates skulls every two seconds.
  • If Spinal takes a hit the skull curses disappear.

We’ll have more information on Spinal, including tips for beginner’s starting tomorrow!

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