Speedrunner Distortion2 Beats Elden Ring In Under 30 Minutes

Elden Ring Speedrunner Distortion2 has beaten the game in under 30 minutes. The category Distortion was running is the Elden Ring Any% Wrong warp category, which means that they can finish the game with any percentage completion rate and using the wrong warp glitch, which allows you to access the Farum Azula area without defeating a single boss.

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Of course, this video has spoilers for the end/late game areas and bosses so beware before watching.

By taking advantage of the wrong warp glitch, which is done by saving in an unstable area and quitting out, you can essentially force the game to teleport you to areas currently unreachable at this point in the game.

It’s also important to note that the run is using in-game time, so the time pauses when the game is loading.

Elden Ring has been out less than a month and the speedrun community is finding all sorts of new routes and tactics to keep pushing the time lower. There are also a bunch of different categories of runs if you’re looking to check out something that features fewer glitches, or even potentially all bosses. The official speedrun discord can be found here if you’re interested in trying and learning yourself.

The Elden Ring speedrun leaderboards are currently locked until March 18, until rulesets and official categories are ironed out. So be sure to keep an eye out once times get posted there if you’re interested in keeping tabs on who holds the record.

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