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Soul Sacrifice Demo Coming To PS Vita Next Week

by Prima Games Staff

Soul Sacrifice is looking to be one of the better PlayStation Vita games we’ve seen in some time, packing Monster Hunter-esque style action and a unique system where you can sacrifice items in order to boost yourself up for battle… for a price.

Now you’ll get a chance to check it out for yourself.  A new trailer has made its debut for the game, revealing that we’ll be getting a playable demo for the game on April 16th through PlayStation Network.  In the trailer, Keiji Infaune of Comcept Studio states that playing with friends is encouraged, if only to see how the sacrifice system works.  “If you are playing next to each other, you will see what it’s like to terminate your friend’s life,” he stated.  It creates a moral dilemma that “has never been done before” – even though you could easily “terminate” friends in other games.

Check out the trailer here and get ready for the final Sacrifice on April 30th.