Ready to whip up some spells using your PlayStation Move controller?  Sony’s long-awaited action/adventure game Sorcery is just about ready to unleash chaos on the PlayStation 3 as the game is ready to ship next week.  With it, Sony is launching a new initiative that will allow players to either buy it as a retail release or download it digitally through the PlayStation Network.

Though the company has been offering select games as both retail and digital release before, Sorcery marks the first time that the team is doing so as a pre-order.  The game is available for purchase on PlayStation Network now and once you buy it, you’ll be able to download it first thing Tuesday so you can get right into unleashing unholy attacks on enemies.  

Other games could follow such an example in the future, including the likes of The Last of Us and PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale, although that’s unconfirmed... for now.

If you’ve got a PlayStation Move, this is one game that’s sure to cast a spell over you.