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Sony Working On Supposed God of War Saga Collection

by Prima Games Staff

Oh, Sony loves their collections can’t you tell? Over the years they’ve definitely paid a lot of attention to God of War and the adventures of its main star, Kratos, not only releasing a God of War HD Collection of his first two PlayStation 2 games, but also an Origins Collection consisting of his two handheld PSP endeavors redesigned with an HD touch.


But now it looks like the company is planning something “ultimate” with him, to go along with his forthcoming God of War: Ascension sequel due next year. A report from Siliconera indicates that the company is working on a God of War Saga Collection, and though the individual parts weren’t pointed out, it’s likely that this special compilation will include the above two HD collections, along with the previously released God of War III and possibly some new content.


Of course, this is rumored, and we don’t officially know what’ll be coming until Sony tells us. But still, if you haven’t discovered Kratos yet, this just might be the best way to do it. Or, you know, you could just get the games now…


Look for God of War: Ascension in 2013.

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