Have you ever wanted to pick up a game but held off because you couldn’t afford to get the downloadable content that was offered for it, or waited for just the right time when you could own the “complete” edition? Sony has heard your call!

Starting today on PlayStation Network, the company will be offering nine “Ultimate Editions” of hit games for download on its service.  The packages will include all their respective downloadable content, including multiplayer packs and additional single player content.

The packs are as follows: Red Dead Redemption ($27.99, $19.59 for PS Plus subscribers), Infamous 2 ($33.99, $23.79 for PS Plus), Bioshock 2 ($27.99, $19.59 for PS Plus), MotorStorm Apocalypse ($50.49, $35.34 for PS Plus), Call of Duty: Black Ops ($66.49, $46.54 for PS Plus), L.A. Noire ($27.99, $19.59 for PS Plus), Mafia II ($20.99, $14.69 for PS Plus), Just Cause 2 ($20.99, $14.69 for PS Plus) and Mortal Kombat ($34.99, $24.49 for PS Plus).

The sale won’t last long and you’ll need some space on your hard drive to store these games, but they’re certainly worthwhile deals that you should pick up on if you’re a fan of these games.  Check it out when the PlayStation Store update goes live later today!