Sony continued its push towards excellent independent game design today with the announcement of a new game for the PlayStation Network, titled The Unfinished Swan.  The game has been in development for four years under the guidance of young programmer Ian Dallas (and his team at Giant Sparrow), and is unlike any first-person adventure you’ve experienced before.

In the game, you guide a young boy through a world that starts out in startling white where you’re barely able to make out anything.  You can throw paint around the world using the splatters that hit objects to navigate and find your way through it.  This is “just the beginning,” insists Dallas, as things really pick up from there.

The game features a startling art style with exquisite hand-drawn graphics and a beautiful 3D world that comes more and more to life with each paintball you throw around.  You can also find bonus items throughout including special statues, hints of the Unfinished Swan (watch out for footprints), and collectible balloons.

The Unfinished Swan will be, um, finished this fall.  Look for more coverage during E3!