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Sonic the Hedgehog Goes First Person in New Video

by Prima Games Staff

Sonic the Hedgehog has been wowing us in video games since his initial debut on the Sega Genesis over 20 years ago. However, we’ve always seen his world either through a side-scrolling or 3D view, but never in the first person. What’s running through Green Hill Zone look like through his eyes?

Today, we kind of have an answer. An artist named Filipe B. Costa released a new video through the Machinima network that shows Sonic running through the familiar 16-bit level from a first-person perspective. It’s quite a sight, though it might make you a little dizzy.

It’d be interesting if Sega tried this out with an official game – though its upcoming Sonic: Lost World, coming later this year for 3DS and Wii U, does present an interesting take on 3D exploration.

Prima Games Staff

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