This October, Sega will be bringing back not one but two classic favorites in time for the start of the holiday season and they won't set you back that much in cash.


Coming to PlayStation Network on October 2nd and Xbox Live October 5th will be both Sonic Adventure 2 HD and NiGHTS Into Dreams HD, both priced at $9.99 (or 800 Microsoft points).


Sonic Adventure 2 is a high-def revamp of the Dreamcast classic, featuring a number of playable characters. In addition, it'll have extra Battle Mode DLC available for an additional $2.99 (240 Microsoft points) withmore maps and characters as well as the Chao Karate mode.


As for NiGHTS Into Dreams, it'll feature revamped visuals over the Sega Saturn original as well as a classic mode, in case you're feeling nostalgic for the original graphics. Sega has also confirmed that the Christmas NiGHTS supplementary package, released as a stand-alone disc back in the 90's, will be included at no additional charge. It's Christmas already!


Be sure to check both of these games out, they're definitive classics.