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Some Xbox FanFest Attendees Have Been Receiving Surprise Gift Bundles

by Morgan Shaver

As reported by outlets like IGN, a few lucky Xbox FanFest attendees have reported receiving surprise gift bundles from Microsoft. Not all Xbox FanFest attendees will be receiving one of these gift bundles (we sure didn’t), but it’s nevertheless exciting for those who have been randomly selected.

It’s also a great example of why Xbox fans should register for FanFest now and in the future as you never know what sort of opportunities may arise!

Some Xbox FanFest Attendees Have Been Receiving Surprise Gift Bundles

Xbox FanFest has had a number of cool opportunities recently, including a trivia competition that we participated in and had a lot of fun with. One of the cooler opportunities for those registered for FanFest however has to be the surprise gift bundles that are being given out at random.

A few lucky FanFest attendees have reported receiving these surprise Xbox gift bundles known as the FanFest 20 Years of Xbox Keepsake Kit. Included in the Keepsake Kit is a note that provides a bit of background on what it is and why select people registered for FanFest have been receiving them.

The note opens by saying: 

“As a thank you for being a part of the 20 years of Xox, we’re gifting you this FanFest 20 Years of Xbox Keepsake Kit. This is a limited edition kit, created for randomly selected Xbox FanFest fans to commemorate our journey from past, present, and future as an Xbox community.

We have included a ‘20 Years of Xbox’ crystal. This is engraved with your gamertag. We extend our gratitude to you for being a part of the Xbox community, the reason for this journey.”

A crystal plaque with the recipient’s gamertag isn’t the only item included in the Keepsake Kit, as it also comes packaged with a Halo Infinite Limited Edition controller, one that has yet to be released and is only available with the bundle.

You can see an example of the controller below as shared by one of the lucky Keepsake Kit recipients on Twitter.

Additionally, the Keepsake Kit includes a 12-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If you’re seeing all of this and haven’t registered for FanFest yet, click here to head over to the FanFest page and register.

Not only should you be registered for FanFest, you should also keep an eye on the page for opportunities from the trivia event that happened a few weeks ago, to access to a special section of the Xbox Gear Shop for FanFest! 

After seeing that select FanFest fans have been receiving a special Keepsake Kit from Xbox, we’re curious to hear your thoughts. Have you received one? Would you like to see Xbox continue to surprise people with 20th anniversary gifts like the Keepsake Kit?

Let us know in the comments below, or on our social media channels including Facebook and Twitter!

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