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Snowboard-Like Driftboards are Headed to Fortnite

by Larryn Bell

If you’ve been looking for a way to hit the slopes in Fortnite’s new snow biome, you’re in luck. According to an announcement on the in-game news board earlier today, Driftboards are coming soon to Fortnite Battle Royale, offering a new mode of transportation for single players who want to drift across the map with ease.

Update 12/18: The Driftboard release has been delayed, according to an announcement today from Epic Games. 

Original Story: The image on the news board looks a lot like a snowboard, but considering it’s called a Driftboard, we can assume that this new vehicle will be available throughout the map and won’t be limited to the snow biome. As usual, the news announcement simply says that the Driftboard is “coming soon” and does not specify a release date, though we can probably assume that it will arrive alongside the patch update on Tuesday.

Fortnite Snowboard

The Driftboard is not the only new vehicle to be added to Fortnite since the start of Season 7. Stormwings have also been sprinkled across the map in various plane spawn locations, along with several ziplines that allow players to traverse long distances, even to newly formed islands offshore.

Keep an eye out for Driftboards tomorrow morning after the patch update hits, as this is likely when players can expect to find these new snowboard-like vehicles in Fortnite. Until then, be sure to finish up some of the latest Fortnite weekly challenges to level up your Battle Pass for Season 7.

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