SMITE Announced Collab with Magic: the Gathering: Puts Planeswalkers as Skins

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It has finally happened! Planeswalkers have breached into the universe of SMITE, ten skins are about to come into the game pretty soon, with many nerds around the world rejoicing about getting new stuff to spend their hard-earned money on.
The collab between SMITE and Magic: the Gathering has been in the works for some time, and we finally have a confirmation about it happening. Prima Games delivers information on what Planeswalkers are announced as confirmed, and we have some takes on which Planeswalkers/cards might make an appearance in this crazy collab. See more below!

When is the SMITE & Magic: the Gathering Crossover Starting?

The crossover between one of the biggest MOBA games and one of the biggest TCGs begins on January 24, 2023.

What Magic: the Gathering Cards Will Appear in SMITE in Season 10?

Legendary M:tG cards that are so far confirmed to appear in SMITE are:

  • Chandra Nalaar (representing the Red color (Mountain))
  • Jace Beleren (representing the Blue color (Island))
  • Liliana Vess (representing the Black color (Swamp))
  • Karn (representing the Colorless)
  • Atraxa (representing the Multi-Colored)

There will be FIVE more cards that will make their appearance in SMITE. We lack the White (Plains) and Green (Forest) mana color.

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Which Planeswalkers from Magic: the Gathering are Coming to SMITE?

Here is what we know so far, along with some of our predictions.

  • Jace Beleren is Yu Huang (even though we probably would put Merlin in the picture). He’s the Mind Sculptor, after all!
  • Chandra Nalaar is Pele (but Sol would be fitting too if you ask us, or maybe Agni).
  • Karn is Atlas (great fit!)
  • Nu Wa is Liliana (great fit, although Morgan Le Fay would be cool too!)
  • Atraxa is Thanatos.

Those five are the first part.

  • Nicol Bolas was visible in the SMITE trailer, so we presumed that Bolas will be either Kukulkan, Tiamat, or maybe… Camazotz?

Post 10.2 Update:

  • Teferi is Chronos
  • Nicol Bolas is Tiamat (Vaguely guessed by us)
  • Vivien Reid is Artemis
  • The Wandering Emperor is Mulan
  • Nissa Revane is Eset

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Our predictions:

  • If they put Ajani in, our money is that Anhur will carry the honors.
  • If they put Garruk in, our money is on Ullr or Chaac.
  • A lot of people wish for Eldrazi C’Thulhu skin (which we see happening, Emrakul comes to mind).
  • If Gideon comes into SMITE, we feel Tyr or King Arthur would be a cool fit.
  • It would be the biggest meme if they put Freyalise as Freya.
  • If they put Teferi, Olorun or Ra could be a good fit.
  • Wrenn and Six are simply CRYING to be Sylvanus and Grover!
  • Oko, Thief of Crowns would be a great Loki.
  • Elesh Norn could be Morgan Le Fay
  • Masticore from M:tG would be a great Mantico-OH WAIT.

Post 10.2 Comment: We actually got a Mantichoras in SMITE. Missed Opportunity!!! Along with many missed predictions. This collaboration could have gone a lot deeper, Hi-Rez! Skins are being printed en masse for years now, this wouldn’t do any harm.

Here’s the video, feel free to judge for yourself. We could go on and on and on and on (the writer of this article played M:tG before). When this patch goes live, make sure to come back and check out how right or wrong we were!

Official YouTube Trailer

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