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#SlayDragonsSaveCats Elder Scrolls Online Charity Initiative Raised Over $100K So Far

by Liana Ruppert

The Elder Scrolls Online is no stranger to putting their massive open-world to good use out IRL, but their latest campaign may just be their cutest. Utilizing the hashtag #SlayDragonsNotCats, the team behind the massive MMORPG launched a new charity initiative back in October that included new quests and in-game events for players to enjoy! Now the team is excited to share that the Dragonhold Story Zone is live on all platforms and the charity itself has raised more than $100,000 so far and more is on the way! 

When the team over at ZeniMax Online Studios debuted their Elsweyr expansion back in June, players saw a renewed focus back on the Khajiit once they were under siege by dangerous dragons. Now those dragon-slaying abilities can do some good, because for every five-winged beast slain from October 8th through December 9th, Bethesda will donate 1USD all the way up until they hit their $200,000 goal. 

According to the studio, “Over the duration of the charity initiative, players can look forward to a number of in-game activities beginning with Dragon Rise, kicking off on October 3 at 10AM ET and rolling through 10AM ET on October 14. Dragon Rise lets players explore Northern Elsweyr’s striking locales, take down merciless Dragons, and complete the Dragonhold prologue quest to unlock three unique rewards for all players who own the Elsweyr Chapter. You’ll find those rewards as well as a progress tracker here. And to top it all off, all Dragons killed during Dragon Rise count toward the #SlayDragonsSaveCats charity initiative!” 

There will also be a new Dragonhold Prologue Quest where players can “play an introduction to the final installment of the “Season of the Dragon,” Dragonhold, starting on October 8 and free for all players. Sai Sahan, the last of the Dragonguard, needs your help. The player is tasked with scouring Dragonguard sanctuaries, looking for anything that may help in the last push against the Dragon menace.”

Other fun activities in the coming months include: 

Witches Festival – October 24 through November 4

  • The grim spectacle of the Witches Festival once again returns to Tamriel. Take part in the ghastly celebration to enjoy bonus XP gains and earn terrifying rewards.

Undaunted Celebration – November 14 through November 18

  • Take on random dungeons via the Dungeon Finder to earn Mysterious Reward Boxes that contain in-game rewards including Motif Chapters, weapon styles, and more.

Dawn of the Dragonguard – November 26 through December 9

  • Hunt down Elsweyr’s most dangerous monsters with your fellow players and you’ll earn new in-game loot. And remember, for every five Dragons slain during the time period, we’ll donate $1 to the #SlayDragonsSaveCats campaign.

New Life Festival – December 19 through January 2

  • Celebrate the end of another amazing year in Tamriel with the New Life Festival. The merry event returns with a host of fun quests and festive holiday rewards for all, including XP-boosting collectibles, unique furnishings, and more

You can also donate directly to this charity initiative right here through the official ESO website! Once $200,000 is achieved, the donations will be split evenly between the Best Friends Animal Society and FOUR PAWS! So get those adventurer boots ready because it’s time to slay some dragons!  

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