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Slay the Spire Is Coming to Nintendo Switch

by Josh Hawkins

With over one million units sold on the PC, it really shouldn’t come as much surprise that Mega Crit and Humble Bundle are bringing Slay the Spire—their addicting blend of roguelike and card game mechanics—to the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.

Featuring all of the content that’s been release so far for the PC version of the game, Slay the Spire will allow you to play the game in even more ways on the Nintendo Switch. Dive in deep using a controller, or if you prefer, tap the screen of your Nintendo Switch when it’s in portable mode to enjoy the slick combat of Slay the Spire with easy to use touch controls.

In Slay the Spire, players take on the role of a dungeon crawler as they explore the Spire, a massive and ever-changing series of paths that take you from room to room as you try to make your way as far as you can without dying. Should death find you, you’ll be thrust to the beginning of the Spire once more, where you’ll have to choose a new path, unlike any path you’ve seen before. From here players can choose between safe or risky paths, which will determine the amount of experience that they acquire, as well as the amount of treasures that they can find.

There’s no absolute release date for the Nintendo Switch version of Slay the Spire just yet but hearing that the game is coming to the Switch is exciting. Nintendo has shown a lot of support for the indie game industry, and it’s nice to see that library of games growing more and more each and every day. Of course. Fans of the Switch can look forward to getting to dive into Slay the Spire sometime in 2019.


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