Skyrim DLC add-ons "will have a lot of meat on them" - Prima Games

Skyrim DLC add-ons “will have a lot of meat on them”

by Prima Games Staff

Skyrim’s DLC add-ons will “have a lot of meat on them”, Bethesda has said.

It will focus on “ways to make the game better, not just have more, because the game is so big,” game director Todd Howard told Joystiq at the Spike Video Game Awards.

“So we’re going through ideas right now, and processing everything people are doing in the game, and trying to think of ways that we can improve it.”

The first two downloadable add-ons will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 for 30 days after release.

After that exclusivity window the DLC is free to go live on PC and PlayStation Network.

Release dates and details remain unannounced. Howard said they “don’t have a timetable”. “They won’t be quick, and they’ll have a lot of meat on them,” he continued.

Howard has previously said Skyrim will have fewer DLC add-ons than Fallout 3 had, but they will be “more substantial”. Howard wants them “to be closer to an expansion pack feel”.

Skyrim has enjoyed unprecedented success for Bethesda, generating millions of sales and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

It took home the Game of the Year award at the VGAs – yet another accolade for the fantasy RPG.

“We thought it would do well,” Howard continued, “but it has gone above and beyond.”

Bethesda has updated the game and plans to release more patches, but it seems likely one high-profile bug will be left well alone.

“I think our favourite really is putting the buckets on the heads,” Howard revealed.

“It was like day two, and we went, what? Do we fix that? Our lead programmer is pissed and wants to fix it, and I said I’m not sure we should. That’s one of those where maybe we leave it in.”

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